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The project of Bodega Contador was created with the objective of producing wines that represent the maximum expression of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, and with the only purpose of transferring to a glass of colors, aromas, flavors, textures and even sounds of this land. As a result, anyone who tastes its wines, wherever they are, will be able to feel the land and will move with his imagination to the landscape that gave birth to these excellent wines. The development of the wines is based on the selection of the best clusters, selected one by one by an expert grower who has worked more than 75 years among the vines, and who has been familiar with the grapes since his childhood. Also, the winery counts with a high quality trusted team, who walk in the vineyard slowly and patiently. They take the small and loose clusters from which it will be extracted the sweet nectar, greedy and aromatic, that after natural spontaneous fermentation, will lie in the finest casks of the finest French barrels, avoiding violent racking and unnecessary treatments that would impair the character of the wines. Contador winery has achieved 100 Parker points with two consecutive vintages.

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