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The Real Divisa Winery, belonging to a family firm and whose owners through generations have kept the spirit of good work, is one of the oldest in La Rioja with more than 600 years. The winery, located in the village of Abalos, is named after the emblem of the jar or terraces with lilies found on the arch of the door, and remembers both its age and its relationship with the royal House of Navarra (XI century). The Winery, member of the Family Wineries of Rioja , in collaboration with distributor Cubero has been over 20 years raising awareness of this magnificent wine that, year after year is trying to improve the quality. Real Divisa was the 1st winery in Rioja to receive a Medal in the Exhibition of Bourdeos in 1895. Real Divisa winery has got 92 points.

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