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Cesar Nieto Iberico Pork Dinner at Elefante

Publisher:爵瑞管理员 Release time:2017-09-13 Views:0

On August 7th 2017, Juerui Industry presented the Iberico pork meat tasting of Cesar Nieto at Elefante. It was a perfect excuse to invite the most popular and professional foreigner chefs of the city to taste all our Iberico pork cuts very well prepared by chef Carlos. Cesar Nieto representative, Mr. Ivan Serrano didn’t want to miss the opportunity and flew from Spain to meet the event and introduce the Iberico pork to all the guests. All the chefs enjoyed the dishes along with our Yllera wines and congratulated all the team for such amazing products. They were also very grateful to know more about the Iberico pig variety and its Mediterranean origins with more than 2000 years of history and the meat benefits for health.

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