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Juerui Industry is a Multinational company founded in 2008 by Spanish overseas-Chinese investors with the goal to introduce Spanish food and wine culture in China. The company’s headquarter is located in Shanghai, with a branch office in Beijing. We also have a high-end dining and retail brand called Xibarita. In order to introduce Spain's best food and wine brands, we made extended efforts to investigate and analyzed thoroughly in the product selection, market positioning and sales channels. In order to build and expend solid distributions, we work closely with our partners throughout the major cities throughout the country. We put in our maximum efforts to bring the best Spanish product to the market and offer the consumers a natural way of life and a healthy diet.

Our Advantage

  • Our team: Our professional team has full a understanding of Spanish culture in food and fine wines. Base on this, we are able to select the most suitable product for the market with in depth distribution.

  • Our products: Maintaining solid and long-term partnership with overseas suppliers with a wide selection of products is part of our success. We offer wines, olive oils, ham, nuts,honey, vinegar, cheese, snacks, salt, mineral water, and variety of canned foods.

  • Distribution: Our distribution networks includs premium restaurants, international hotels, premium retailers, premium private customers and international corporate.

  • Xibarita: Xibarita is our premium consumer brand. It is located in Sinan Mansion,one of the most luxury retail and dining area. Xibarita offers dining and bar experience like no one else. With the elegant design, it offers a pleasant tasting atmosphere. It is ideal for small and medium sized Wine tasting events or private party. It is undoubtedly the best platform to promote Spanish food and fine wines.

  • Our Supports: In addition to maintaining a strong partnership with Spanish food and wine supplies, we also has a very solid relationship with the Spanish Trade Association. Thanks to the efforts in promoting Spanish food and wine culture. Juerui received special awards from the Spanish Ambassador for our efforts promoting Spanish food and fine wines in consecutive years.   

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