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About Xibarita

As a hign-end brand of Shanghai Juerui F&B Management Company, Xibarita is exclusive gourmet stores/wine bars. It promotes Spanish gastronomic culture, while providing other services such as the organization of wine tastings, food parings, art exhibitions, book presentations, networking events and seminars. Meanwhile, It also provides a selected number of clients the membership to its exclusive VIP Club.

Xibanya + SIBARITA

The name Xibarita comes from the junction of the first two syllables of XI BAN YÁ, Spain in Chinese; and SI BA RI TA, Spanish word which by definition is associated to those who enjoy food tasting, luxury and refined pleasures. Beyond a brand however, Xibarita is a lifestyle proposition. Its biggest mission is to teach people how to be Xibarita.


Sinan Mansion Flagship store
Sinan Mansions 35
Central Fuxing Road, Unit 13, No.16, Lane 523 Shanghai 200021.P.R.C.
Tel:(+86)021-6418 3318

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