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Our Rosé wine: Castillo de Monjardin Rosado de Lagrima

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Castillo de Monjardin is located in the northwest of Navarra in the foothills of the Pyrenées, not far from the French border. Originally, the castle of Monjardin was very important for the Kingdom of Navarra during the XII century under the King Sancho Garces. Today it is a castle with beautiful lands where they make wines using the French system and method champagnoise and a must stop place for the pilgrims that do “El Camino de Santiago” from Paris to Santiago de Compostela.

During the last 25 years, Castillo de Monjardin wines have been awarded with more than 100 medals and publications. Monjardín’s vineyards lie on sunny slopes at an average altitude of 1800 feet, and are cooled by the “Cierzo” wind.

Monjardin Rosado de Lagrima is a dry rosé wine made traditional way of Navarra by the saignée method.

What is the “saignee” method?

In Navarra they believe that the saignée method is the best method to make elegant, tasty and fruitful rosé wines.

In order to make rosé wines from saignée, only black grapes should be used. They are destemmed and transported to a vat where the juice will macerate with the skin for about 6 hours. After this period of time, the juice becomes a beautiful pinky colour and this is when they extract a little part to another vat to ferment separately from the skins.

Rosé wines are a gem, since for their production, they use the best part of the grape, the first extraction of the grape juice and therefore the most aromatic part of the grapes.

Enjoy fresh Rosé wines with grilled octopus, calamari, seafood or a salad!


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