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Gramona is now available in Chongqing!

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Following its goal of publicizing the Gramona Brand in China, Juerui Industry organized the second wine dinner for Gramona in China. This time, we teamed up with our partner in Chongqing and prepared a wonderful night to introduce Gramona’s biodynamic still wines and sparkling wines to VIP customers.

Jean Claude Terjmane, the brand Ambassador for the brand in China specially travelled to Chongqing and conveyed his knowledge and passion for the Gramona brand to dinner attendees.  

Throughout the tasting, the attendees enjoyed the delicacies as well as experienced the sensation of tasting Gramona wines along with the explanations of the brand ambassador.

During the night, the attendees tasted two sparkling wines Gramona La Cuvée and Gramona Rosé and two still wines Savinat and Vi de Glass. All four wines, are very different wines. Gramona is characterized by belonging to the DO Corpinnat, doing special, high quality and ecological wines. La Cuvée and Rosé have both been aged for a minimum of 30 months, Savinat is made of sauvignon blanc organic grapes picked up by hand and fermented in medium toasted French oak barrels, this makes of Savinat a certified biodynamic wine. Vi de Glass is a complex sweet wine made 100% of Gewürztraminer grape and that has been produced for almost 25 years. After years of research, this wine is currently made with a new prototype fed by two freezing chambers which work with liquid nitrogen at -15 °C. This improves the freezing process of the grapes, making it faster and more even. It is also a sweet wine, balanced and with no added sugar.

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