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Full Moon products freshly arrived to China

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Juerui Industry is glad to announce that the latest batch of Full Moon products have just landed in China after more than five year working hand by hand with the brand. Juerui Industry is very faithful to this brand and the concept the company tries to transmit: Moon controls nature, influences tides, rain, animals, plants, humans... It has always fascinated men and has been revered since the beginning of time. In ancient times, it was common place for farming practices to follow lunar cycles. Drawing on this tradition, Pago Baldios San Carlos started harvesting during the Full Moon of October to maximize the benefit of this natural influence that accentuates the intensity of the aroma and flavor. Juerui Industry counts with the range of Full Moon olive oil, 100% arbequina; Grand Reserve Dark Vinegar made with a blend of Pedro Ximenez grapes; and Gran Reserve Transparent Vinegar obtained from the most of Pedro Ximénez grapes. 

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