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La Catedral canned vegetables brings new products to China

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Juerui Industry, the exclusive importer and distributor of La Catedral products in China for more than eight years, has expanded the vegetable business with the incorporation of a new item to its portfolio: Whole leeks are back in China. The history of La Catedral de Navarra dates back to the first half of the last century. During the Civil War, soldiers’ mothers preserved vegetables, casseroles and pâtés for their sons and daughters, and after the war it was also essential to store as much seasonal food as possible so that they were available all year round. Preserves became both necessary and a part of daily life, above all in regions such as the Navarre riverbanks, where the fertile region produced such exquisite products that they were well worth storing.

The secret lies in the rich fertile soil, thanks to the extreme temperatures and abundant rainfall, typical of the Navarrese Ebro valley (North east of Spain). Here, nature endows with her delicious products, preserving them for the most discerning palates.

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