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Aubocassa extra virgin olive oil is now available in China

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Juerui Industry is pleased to announce the availability of Aubocassa extra virgin olive oil in China. The product has landed in China to satisfy the most demanding restaurants that are looking for a unique product to add value into their recipes. The Aubocassa estate, located in Mallorca, is in the Manacor region and at the east of the island. It is one of the few places where the taste of Mallorca land has managed to endure over time. It is an old Estate, mentioned even in twelfth century documents, where the passage of history has left signs of the various crops that have shaped the Majorcan countryside. The wild olive trees are an unmistakable testimony to its oil producing past, the cellar hints at its vine-growing splendor, the farmyards and the leaves, shaded cattle pens recall its cattle-raising period, the ancient cisterns for the collection of rainwater remind us of the philosophy that was based on making the most of the Mediterranean while the almond trees and carob trees are the agricultural hallmark of the nineteenth and twentieth century’s.

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