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Blazquez Iberico selected as a reference of Spanish ham at Pudong International Airport

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Ham is a popular food in both China and Western countries. Different hams taste very different but they all have one thing in common, they all take time to be dry-cured. The Chinese Jinhua, the Italian Parma the Spanish iberico are the three most famous hams in the world. The ham festival celebrated at Pudong International Airport aimed to bring the visitors into a journey to have a taste of time. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is not only the gateway of Shanghai but also is an international channel for people to explore the global cuisines. This event was supported by Juerui Industry behind the Blazquez Spanish iberico ham brand and invited three chefs to present live ham carving show. They promoted the knowledge of Spanish ham to the customers, the history of ham, the process of dry-cured, the uniqueness of taste, the way to eat and everything you need to know about Spanish iberico ham. It was a great opportunity for the tourists to have the real authentic taste of the Spanish iberico ham.

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